Daheem Din Therapy


Individual Therapy:

“At my therapy practice, I specialise in individual therapy, guiding you on a transformative journey to connect with your inner self, including the often overlooked ‘shadow self.’ In a safe and nurturing environment, we’ll explore uncharted emotional terrain, hidden fears, and past experiences. This process leads to valuable insights into your psyche and a deeper self-understanding.

My client-centred approach empowers you to take an active role in your therapeutic journey. With my guidance, we’ll uncover the complex layers of your relational self, enhancing self-awareness and enabling healthier, more authentic connections with others.

The goal is to create a space where you can openly explore emotions, address hidden fears, and heal from past wounds. By undertaking this journey, you’ll develop the self-awareness and emotional intelligence necessary for more fulfilling relationships.”

Premarital and Marital Therapy:

“At my practice, I specialise in premarital and marital therapy, offering a dedicated space for couples to explore and enrich their relationships. Whether you’re preparing for a lifelong journey together or looking to rekindle the flame in an established union, I’m here to help.

My  approach takes a systemic view of your relationship, considering how each partner’s individual experiences and emotions impact the partnership. By addressing the unique dynamics of your relationship, I help you navigate the complexities of love, partnership, and personal growth, fostering a deep and enduring connection.”

Family Therapy:

“With a systemic perspective, I see families as intricate networks where every member plays a crucial role in the family’s well-being. I believe that family issues often stem from complex patterns of communication, unspoken rules, and behaviours.

 Family therapy empowers family members to collaboratively reshape their subsystems, redefine boundaries, and establish rules and norms. My focus is on comprehending the interconnections among family members and how emotional processes within the family influence individual behaviour.”

Organisational Trainings:

“At an organisational level my vision for training programs is to foster workplace transformation by integrating both masculine and feminine leadership styles. I  partner with organisations to cultivate gender-neutral environments, promote emotional connectivity, facilitate open feedback channels, and encourage accountability among team members.

The  training sessions are process-oriented, with a focus on developing inner reflection and increasing awareness of relational dynamics to enhance connectivity and productivity in the workplace.”

Group Therapy:

“At my practice, two main types of group therapy are offered. 

Support groups provide a safe space for individuals with shared challenges to connect, share experiences, and offer support. I  also offer process-oriented groups that focus on real-time relational dynamics among participants, fostering personal growth and self-reflection. 

These group experiences provide a unique opportunity to explore intrapersonal and interpersonal connections, helping participants gain a deeper understanding of their relational dynamics.”

Clinical Supervision:

“In my clinical supervision sessions, I provide comprehensive guidance and training to mental health professionals. My approach is rooted in psychodynamic principles, emphasising the importance of the supervisory relationship mirroring the therapist-client relationship. Through the Parallel process, we work together to create depth in the therapeutic work.

I prioritise addressing transference and countertransference issues that impact the therapeutic process, helping professionals formulate effective treatment plans, refine clinical skills, and enhance their understanding of client dynamics. This ensures the highest level of care and therapeutic effectiveness.”

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