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I offer a diverse portfolio of six distinct services.

Individual Therapy

Exploring the conscious and unconscious processes of the psyche to enhance self-awareness and create an inner reflective space, in order to have healthier relationship with self and others.

Premarital and Marital Therapy

Cultivate and nurture deeper connection, via exploring couple relational dynamics to achieve compatibility, open communication, and effective conflict resolution

Family Therapy

Working with family structure, developmental transitions, unspoken rules and boundaries to build a cohesive yet accommodating family system

Group Therapy

Offer support and process-oriented groups focusing on intrapersonal and interpersonal relational stances how they impact relationship forming with others.

Clinical Supervision

Provide guidance and training for trainee as well as senior therapist , using principles of psychodynamic approaches.

Organizational Trainings

Offering various workshops and training programs to build skills like empathy, create psychological safety and increase the sense of belonging at the workplace to enhance productivity and bring efficiency

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